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Journalism may be something more people lean on

Originally Published: February 18, 2020

For the last three years, there has been more attacks on the media in general, specifically journalists. Once Trump became president, journalists became one of the many groups that he attacked. He has gone to say that the press is "the enemy of the people" and his supporters just eat up this rhetoric.

But, his supporters only make up a part of society. A good amount of society are anti-Trump and they are concerned about the upcoming election. As November approaches, people are overwhelmed with the amount of Democratic contenders who are trying to take down Trump.

At this point of time, there’s so much information being thrown out at people and they may lean on the press to sift through all of it. More people will understand that they cannot live without the press and it’s not against them.

This year, people shall realize that the press isn’t black and white. The press will make mistakes as it’s not this tireless machine that gets everything correct. 2020 shall be the year that people realize that one’s disagreement with an article shouldn’t determine the credibility of journalism as a whole.

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